「International Conference on Optimization and Data Science in Industrial Engineering (ODSIE)」にて学生が発表しました

2023年11月16日~17日にイスタンブールのIstinye University/オンライン(ハイブリット)にて開催された「International Conference on Optimization and Data Science in Industrial Engineering」に本研究室より千坂 知也さん(修士2年)が参加し、研究発表をおこないました。

[International Conference on Optimization and Data Science in Industrial Engineering (ODSIE)]

◆ Tomoya Chisaka, Soichiro Yokoyama, Tomohisa Yamashita, Hidenori Kawamura : Evaluation of Request Sequencing Strategies for Shift Rescheduling in Response to Absenteeism Using Probabilistic Simulation Approach

概要: In workplaces with a high incidence of absenteeism, the shortage of employees due to absences can significantly harm operational stability.
Consequently, managers are tasked with the responsibility of selecting substitute employees to re-place absentees, which can impose a substantial temporal and mental burden on them.
In traditional rescheduling research, many studies have focused on situations where the availability of employees for work is known in advance when managers select substitute employees.
In this paper, we construct a probabilistic simulation model to address situations where employees’ acceptance of substitute attendance requests from managers is uncertain. We examine the differences in multiple request orders within this context.
Three request orders based on employee acceptance probabilities are proposed, and we evaluate them in terms of operational stability and the manager’s workload, using indicators such as the number of employees in shortage and the number of requests made by the manager.
This research reveals that differences in request order can vary significantly depending on simulator parameters, with some scenarios exhibiting substantial differences while others show minimal variation.
Furthermore, when significant differences were observed among the validated request orders, it was found that the impact of employees with a higher probability of accepting requests is substantial.



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