「2024 13th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications」にて学生が発表しました

2024年2月1日~3日にPrime Plaza Hotel(インドネシア・バリ島)にて開催された「2024 13th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications」に本研究室より吉田 拓海さん(博士3年)が参加し、研究発表を行いました。

[2024 13th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications]

◆ Takumi Yoshida, Soichiro Yokoyama, Tomohisa Yamashita, Hidenori Kawamura : Text Generation with Personalization Features for Information Presentation in Decision Support
吉田 拓海, 横山 想一郎, 山下 倫央, 川村 秀憲:意思決定支援のための情報提示の個人化機能をもつ文章生成

概要: There is a high demand for supportive technologies for decision-making processes. An effective way to support user decision making is to present necessary information in a text format that is easy for users to understand. In cases where different users have different decision-making objectives and preferences, personalization of information presentation is effective in improving user utility by presenting information that is appropriate for each user, rather than presenting the same information to all users. In this study, we developed a text generator with personalization features of information presentation for the decision-making situation of purchasing betting tickets for bicycle racing, a publicly operated sport in Japan. We developed a rule-based text generator that assumes multiple typical user groups in a decision-making scenario and generates appropriate text for each user group. The developed text generator takes as input information such as race results predictions based on deep learning models and personal information about the racer, and outputs texts that explain this information. We conducted an evaluation experiment with human experts and found that the generated text is valuable information that improves user’s utility as text for each user group.


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